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Rick A. DeBernard Excavating, Inc.


Our Services


Consulting – Call us for all your consulting needs. From solving difficult septic problems to new housing developments, our consulting services are a reasonable and effective way to get results.

Demolition, haul off, and disposal These are routine services that we provide.

Drainfield repair – Your drainfield can be damaged by excess water, floods, improper construction or vehicle traffic and parking. But it plays a vital role in treating your wastewater and keeping the nearby environment safe. We provide expert repair service for common and unusual damage.

Erosion control – Call us for a quote on all your erosion control needs. We have storm drain barriers and equipment to handle difficult or unique construction sites. We install and repair bioretention ponds and stormwater management ponds. We also install rip rap and armor stone on shorelines and bulkheads. 

Hydroseeding – We are experts at several types of hydroseeding. We apply a slurry of fibers and bonding ingredients to provide your project’s disturbed areas with a protective blanket to minimize wind and water erosion.

Playground construction and equipment installation

Septic repairs and maintenance, maintenance contracts
– We repair and maintain all leading systems. We provide prompt fair service and can provide referrals.

Septic system design referrals – We offer full service septic system design referrals. The design of your system is critical. You must meet local building codes and construct a system that will handle your household or commercial establishment’s sewage and wastewater.

Septic system inspections/troubleshooting – Inspections of onsite wastewater disposal systems are a proven way to prevent homeowners from facing expensive unanticipated septic system repair costs. Inspections can provide assurance that you are disposing of sewage and gray wastewater safely and legally. We offer a thorough inspection and peace of mind at an affordable price.

Septic tank and septic system installation – We carry the best systems from leading manufacturers and install them right. We can help you select the right system and get it properly installed to meet the needs of your house and family. We install both conventional and alternative systems.

Silt fencing – We provide a full line of silt fencing to meet a wide variety of erosion control and regulatory compliance. We carry:

Commercial Grade
Residential Grade
Wire Reinforced
D.O.T. specified
Silt fence with your firm’s logo

Snow removal
– We remove snow and sand parking lots and driveways (paved or dirt).

Sports fields construction and maintenance